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Nat Turners Rebellion - 892 Words

Nat Turner’s Rebellion Questions and Answers 1. Who was supposed to spill the first blood? Nat Turner 2. When and where did the revolt begin? Sunday, August 21, 1831 in Southampton, Virginia 3. What area led Virginia in cotton production in 1840? What might this imply about the slave population in this area in between 1830-1840? Southampton It increased 4. How old was Nat Turner? 30 5. Describe Turner’s unusual upbringing. Taught to read by his white parents Spent much time praying Was spared much physical labor Free time to study schoolbooks 6. How was Nat Turner â€Å"divinely inspired?† He claimed to have divine visions and he had a reputation as a preacher A spirit appeared and he was told to arise and prepare†¦show more content†¦Roving bands of white militia butchered innocent slaves in retaliation for Nat Turner’s revolt. Similarly, Nathaniel Bacon’s men slaughtered peaceful Indians when they could not find violent Indians 17. What laws were enacted by Southern state legislatures to restrict the lives of slaves? No black man was permitted to become a preacher No assembly or meeting for religious or other purposes Free blacks could not carry weapons Increased the penalties for blacks who assaulted whites Allowed whippings for blacks who expressed seditious thought 18. How many free black were included among the accused? 5 19. What was the name of Turner’s narrative describing his revolt? The Confessions of Nat Turner 20. What words does the judge use when sentencing Turner? Be hung by the neck until you are dead, dead, dead 21. How did Thomas Gray defend Nat Turner against charges being made in the Southern press? He said the revolt was the action of â€Å"a complete fanatic warped and perverted by the influence of early impressions 22. In a late conversation with Gray, whom did turner compare himself to? Jesus Christ 23. What was Virginia Governor John Floyd’s view on slavery? Opposed slavery and favored gradual emancipation 24. What concerns did Governor Floyd have over the fate of those blacks sentenced to be sent the Deep South? Treatment was much harsher there 25. Describe Floyd’s fury at Northern abolitionists. He claimed that a man can plot treason inShow MoreRelatedNat Turners Slave Rebellion Essay2521 Words   |  11 Pages#65279; Nat Turners Southampton Slave Revolt and How it Paved the Way for the Abolitionist and Civil Rights Movement Nat Turner was a man with a vision that would change America forever. His vision may have not sounded right to the average person but to Nat Turner, he was on Earth to realize his vision. Nat Turner is the most famous and most controversial slave rebel in American history, and he remains a storm center of dispute(Fires of Jubilee authorRead MoreVews And Impact On Slavery : Nat Turners Rebellion938 Words   |  4 Pages This essay is about the Nat Turner’s Rebellion. In the duration of the essay I will be answering the following questions. The following questions are, principles of participants. The development of the Rebellion. The category of Turner. Education and Religion in the rebellion. What happened after the rebellion. VIews and impact on slavery. Nats Turner’s Rebellion was led by Nat Turner ofcourse due to his input and impact on the uprising of slaves and their owners. There were also peopleRead More The Fires of Jubilee : Nat Turners Fierce Rebellion Essay834 Words   |  4 Pagesof Jubilee : Nat Turners Fierce Rebellion   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Fires of Jubilee, is a well written recollection of the slave insurrection led by Nathaniel Turner. It portrays the events leading towards the civil war and the shattered myth of contented slaves in the South. The book is divided into four parts: This Infernal Spirit of Slavery, Go Sound the Jubilee, Judgment Day, and Legacy.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The story takes place in Southampton County, Virginia where little Nat Turner is introduced. Nat led a normalRead MoreFires of Jubilee- Nat Turners Fierce Rebellion1824 Words   |  8 PagesProfessor T. Rioux February 18, 2013 Fires of Jubilee Exam Nat’s Rebellion August 21, 1861 proved to be a day of sorrow, pain and lessons learned. The Fires of Jubilee is a historical account of the events that led to the bloodiest slave rebellion in southern history. Nat Turner is painted as a fairly intelligent and prophetic slave who believed he was chosen to free his people from their slave bondage. Nat’s rebellion last almost two whole days before being halted by militia men from theRead MoreNat Turner a Slave Rebellion Essay1240 Words   |  5 Pageslife saying in my presence, I was intended for some great purpose (Nat turner,†. From the very beginning Nat Turner knew that he was meant to do something great. On the day of October 2, 1800 the famous Nat turner was born to Nancy Turner his father an unknown slave. Turner grew up with the thought that his father was an escaped slave and was coming back when he got the money to retrieve him and his mother. Nat turner grew up and lived his life in Southampton County, Virgin ia. TheRead MoreJoseph R Gray s Confessions Of Nat Turner1320 Words   |  6 Pages Nat Turner is the story of slavery and the horrors that led Turner to lead one of the bloodiest slave revolts of the time. It is told vividly through wordless images and occasional confession excerpts from Thomas R Gray’s book â€Å"Confessions of Nat Turner†. We learn and experience slavery and Turner’s tumultuous life story as he retells it in his confession to Thomas R. Gray. We learn about how Africans were hunted, shackled, branded, and transported in rat-infested ships; how they were humiliatedRead MoreEssay on Fierce Rebellion by Stephen B. Oates679 Words   |  3 PagesFierce Rebellion by Stephen B. Oates The book Fires of Jubilee: Nat Turner’s Fierce Rebellion (New York, Ny: Harper Perennial, 1990) by Stephen B. Oates portrays a slave rebellion and uprising in the 1830’s. Oates has written many books on American history and his style of writing makes his books readable and popular. He has become a unique storyteller of his time, in his book he tells of a transformation that changed the city of South Hampton, Virginia forever, an unspeakable action heardRead MoreThe Fires Of Jubilee: Nat Turners Fierce Rebellion by Stephen B. Oates 1944 Words   |  8 PagesNat Turner is the most famous and most controversial slave rebel on American history. He was living in the innocent season of his life, in those carefree years before the working age of twelve when a slave boy could romp and run about the plantation with uninhibited glee. Nat in his young years cavorted about the home place as slave children did generally in Virginia. He was first lived in Turners house, who owned a modest plantationin a remote neighborhood down county from Jerusalem. His daytimeRead More Nat Turner’s Southampton Slave Revolt Essay2444 Words   |  10 Pages   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Nat Turner was a man with a vision that would change America forever. His vision may have not sounded right to the average person but to Nat Turner, he was on Earth to realize his vision. Nat Turner is the most famous and most controversial slave rebel in American history, and he remains a storm center of dispute(Fires of Jubilee author Stephen B. Oates).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Nat Turner’s slave revolt may have not been the greatest way to solve the problem of slavery, but it did open many peoplesRead MoreEssay about NAT TURNER520 Words   |  3 Pages Nat Turner nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Early in the morning of August 22,1831, a band of black slaves, led by a lay preacher named Nat Turner, entered the Travis house in Southampton County, Virginia and killed five members of the Travis family. This was the beginning of a slave uprising that was to become known as Nat Turner’s rebellion. Over a thirty-six hour period, this band of slaves grew sixty or seventy in number and slew fifty-eight white persons in and around Jerusalem, Virginia (seventy

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Bipolar Disorder Symptoms And Symptoms - 943 Words

Bipolar Disorder is a severe mental illness that causes shifts in mood swings by being overly excited or overly depressed, and can have suicidal thoughts. â€Å"All people with bipolar disorder have manic episodes- abnormally elevated or irritable moods that last a week and impair functioning.† (htpp://, 2015) Bipolar disorder is a long-term illness, can be controlled with prescription medication and psychotherapy sessions. Bipolar disorders are broken down into many parts including the various types of disorders, their symptoms, and treatments. There are various types of Bipolar disorders. Bipolar Disorder I. is the most basic type of bipolar disorders. In Bipolar Disorder I. the patient has ha at least one manic episode and it may have been followed by a hypomanic or major depressive episode .Mania Episodes are kind of minor compared to the rest. Mania episodes can cause various impairments in your life and may require a psychotic break to break from reality. In B ipolar Disorder II, the patient has had at least one major depressing episode lasting a certain allotted amount of time. Major depressive episodes are extremely dangerous, and they can also cause serious health problems. Major depressive episodes are very unpredictable changes in the patient mood or behavior and can cause serious problems with their day- to- day lifestyle. A Cyclothymic Disorder is a disorder that is discovered in very mild cases. Cyclothymic Disorder the patient had hadShow MoreRelatedSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder706 Words   |  3 PagesBipolar disorder is a serious mental illness that is characterized by changes in mood. It can lead to risky behavior, damage relationships and careers, and even suicidal outcomes if it’s not treated. Bipolar disorder is more common in older teenagers and young adults, it can affect children as young as 6. Women experience more periods of depression than men. More remains to be learned about this condition that affects millions of people. Aretaeus of Cappadocia began the process of detailingRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder1454 Words   |  6 PagesOne of the greatly investigated neurological disorders is Bipolar Disorder. Regrettably, due to social stigma, funding issues, and a lack of education, many who are dealing with this disorder do not receive adequate treatment. Bipolar disorder, is also known as manic-depressive illness, it is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, and the ability to carry out normal daily tasks. Symptoms of the disorder are severe and diverse from the normal ups and downs that everyone goesRead MoreBipolar Disorder : Symptoms And Symptoms1486 Words   |  6 Pagespeople may think that having bipolar disorder means that anyone with the disorder are just simply put, â€Å"crazy†, I was one of those people but the meanings of those two things couldn’t possibly be any more different. Bipolar disorder is defined as â€Å"A disorder ass ociated with episodes of mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs.†( â€Å"Bipolar disorder is a chronic illness with recurring episodes of mania and depression†( â€Å"The term â€Å"bipolar† — which means â€Å"two poles† signifyingRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder1020 Words   |  5 PagesBipolar disorder, formally known as ‘manic depression’, is known for its extreme mood swings; these can last anything from weeks to months and are far more extreme than moods most people would experience. Mood swings include episodes of highs and lows; these are known as mania and depressive episodes. Bipolar is a disorder that affects men and woman equally and affects around 1 in 100 adults. Symptoms usually start during or after adolescents and rarely start after the age of 40 (Royal CollegeRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder1648 Words   |  7 PagesBisecting Bipolar Disorde r Introduction and Background Overview 3.9% of adults in the United States are suffering from bipolar disorder as of 2014 according to the National Institute of Mental Health (Jann, 2014). Although rare, it is still a prevalent disease in the realm of mental health and requires special attention from healthcare providers. Bipolar disorder is a lifelong condition described by repeated manic or depressive episodes. Furthermore, due to the extreme mood swings and emotionalRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder Essay1278 Words   |  6 Pages1 HelenKeller541 Physiology October 26, 2016 Abstract: Bipolar Disorder Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder; also referred to as manic depressive disorder according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V, 2013). Bipolar disorder is a depressive disorder with manic episodes, it is placed between the chapters on schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders in recognition of their place as a bridge between the two diagnostics in terms of symptomology, family historyRead MoreBipolar Disorder : Symptoms And Symptoms Essay1384 Words   |  6 PagesBipolar disorder is simply defined as a manic depressive illness, which affects a persons mood and energy. However, the way it affects a person’s mood is dramatic and severe. These are severe moods are called episodes of mania and depression, which means a person who suffers from bipolar disorder might be extremely excited and happy one day, and extremely depressed the next day. In some cases, depressive or manic episodes last weeks, and in some cases these episodes last days. People who suffer fromRead MoreBipolar Disorder : Symptoms And Symptoms1493 Words   |  6 PagesRorman Ms. Chrisman English 10 30 November 2016 Bipolar Disorder If people don’t get enough sleep and miss a meeting, they are just upset, but for people with bipolar disorder, it can trigger another episode to their week. Bipolar Disorder is a brain disorder that can cause shifts in people s mood that are more unusual. Signs and symptoms can be different depending on if the person has manic or depressive episodes. A person with the disorder can also give their family and friends struggles, asideRead MoreBipolar Disorder : Symptoms And Symptoms1390 Words   |  6 Pagesresearch of bipolar disorder will not only describe in detail the symptoms and affects of this mood disorder, but it will also include the advantages, disadvantages of the treatment and medications, and the major role that medications take. Bipolar disorder involves periods of elevated or irritable mood (mania), alternating with episodes of depression (Moore and Jefferson, 2004). The â€Å"mood swings† of mania and depression are very sudden and can happen at anytime any place. Bipolar disorder is categorizedRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder1700 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Bipolar disorders, also known as manic depression, are mental disorders characterized by shifting moods between depression and mania (Bressert, 2016). Those with a bipolar disorder, have extreme emotional states called mood periods. In the United States, more than 10 million people have bipolar disorder (Kennedy, 2015). It is lifelong, but can be treated. Although it can easily be treated, once patients choose to stop taking their medication their symptoms worsen. Around 15 percent

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Cooperative Learning Advantages for English Language Learners Free Essays

Concerted acquisition is defined as any group larning activity organized in such a manner that acquisition is dependent on the socially structured exchange of academic content every bit good as other information between the specific group of scholars, and whereas each single scholar is accountable for his/her ain acquisition ( Tinker-Sachs et Al, 2003 ) . Furthermore, Kagan ( 2002 ; 1994 ) states that concerted acquisition will finally take to additions in the acquisition of other members in the group. Kagan postulates ( 2002 ) that concerted acquisition is an first-class instruction scheme that promotes enhanced larning for diverse pupil populations and is particularly good for English linguistic communication scholars. We will write a custom essay sample on Cooperative Learning Advantages for English Language Learners or any similar topic only for you Order Now Noyes ( 2010 ) further provinces that English linguistic communication scholars take parting in concerted larning groups non merely increase overall apprehension of the English linguistic communication, they besides develop deeper apprehension of academic content every bit good as academic linguistic communication. Continuing research from Cummins ( 2009 ) suggest that pupils with diverse larning abilities, including pupils with larning disablements improve their accomplishments through the natural staging schemes found in concerted acquisition groups. What is Concerted Learning? Concerted propensity is basically a instruction method that utilizes little groups of pupils or squads where, each pupil has a specific occupation or duty in the group. The instructor structures pupils of assorted ability degrees in a little group, so that effectual staging for the English linguistic communication scholar will augment and heighten pupil larning. Students of different ability degrees participate in a assortment of larning activities designed by the instructor to better their overall apprehension of specific academic content or capable ( Noyes, 2010 ; Kagan, 2002 ; Kagan, 1994 ) . Additionally, each member of the squad is responsible for a specific part of the content, but is besides compelled to assist other members of the group learn the needed content aim ( Noyes, 2010 ; Kagan, 2002 ; Kagan, 1994 ) . Even modern-day research suggests that concerted acquisition creates favourable larning results for English linguistic communication scholars ( Murray, 2010 ) . Further more, by delegating unequivocal occupations or undertakings to each pupil, the group as a whole plant through the assignment and/or undertaking until each group member is able to successfully complete the activity and addition deeper apprehension of activity ( Noyes, 2010 ; Kagan, 2002 ; Kagan, 1994 ) . Cooperative acquisition has four basic rules with the acronym PIES. The P stands for positive mutuality, the I stands for single answerability, the E stands for equal engagement, and the S stands for coincident interaction ( Kagan, 2002 ; Kagan, 1994 ) . Kagan ( 1994 ) states that if any one of these four BASIC rules is non implemented, no concerted acquisition will be involved. Therefore, it is indispensable that all four rules are utilized for the academic content country in order for concerted acquisition to happen with fidelity. Therefore, it is important that the instructor to the full understands the basic four basic rules and chorus from extinguishing any of the cardinal constituents of concerted acquisition ( Noyes, 2010 ; Kagan, 2002 ; Kagan, 1994 ) . Both Kagan ( 2002 ) and Sharan ( 2010 ) further province that the concerted acquisition theoretical account leads to additions and expeditious apprehension for English linguistic communication scholars because group unwritten treatments lead to additions in the usage of the English linguistic communication through both colloquial duologue every bit good as written linguistic communication. By leting pupils to utilize and keep academic English conversations for pupils whose primary linguistic communication is non English, their develop more meaningful experience with the English linguistic communication, which in bend, leads to higher order believing accomplishments ( Sharan, 2010 ; Shaaban, 2006 ; Tinker-Sachs et Al, 2003 ) . Concerted acquisition is rather different from the direct direction learning theoretical account, every bit good as other traditional teaching methods. Traditional direction relies on the instructor to leave direct direction or talk to the pupils, while they sit passively, purportedly absorbing academic information in their encephalons, every bit good as understanding the English linguistic communication. However, even though the instructor may be patterning academic English linguistic communication throughout direct direction, research indicates that there are far excessively few chances to utilize the English linguistic communication for pupils whose primary linguistic communication is non English. Besides, with traditional instruction theoretical accounts, diverse scholars have small chance to increase academic vocabulary and content ( Chang, 2008 ; Gaith and Bouzeineddine, 2003 ) . Concerted Learning and English Language Acquisition for ELLs As antecedently mentioned, by utilizing concerted acquisition constructions, the English linguistic communication scholar will develop and better their overall English linguistic communication ( Cummins, 2009 ; Shaaban, 2006 ; Kagan, 2002 ) . When farther analyzed, Sharan ( 2010 ) states that English linguistic communication scholars use the English linguistic communication in its natural context. Further, utilizing the English linguistic communication to heighten functional interaction and real-life conversations increases understanding and increases transference. Besides, pupils working together in concerted acquisition constructions tend to modify their degree of address to suit each other ( Murray, 2010 ; Chang, 2008 ) . Plus, pupils in concerted grouping are able to modulate their ain English linguistic communication end product to guarantee that each squad member comprehends and understands each other ( Sharan, 2010 ; Kagan, 2002 ) . Another linguistic communication benefit for English linguistic communication scholars is they are speaking to a group member, as opposed to the full category, which allows the English linguistic communication scholars to derive some assurance with English. When concerted acquisition is implemented suitably, the squad members are supportive of one another during English linguistic communication acquisition ( Tinker-Sachs et Al, 2003 ; Kagan, 2002 ) . Other Benefits for English Language Learners There are several other benefits to cooperative larning for English linguistic communication scholars in add-on to greater academic accomplishment. Kagan ( 2002 ) states that pupils in concerted constructions develop improved self-esteem and beef up their societal accomplishments in category. Furthermore, pupils build community in their schoolroom by cultivating societal relationships and credence of pupils from other ethnicities or pupils with disablements ( Cummins, 2009 ) . With active pupil engagement, concerted larning Fosters increased enthusiasm for the category, school, and instruction ( Murray, 2010 ) . Teaching Cautions Teachers must be aware of the basic principals of concerted acquisition and really pass instructional clip learning the pupils how to efficaciously utilize non merely the scheme, but besides their single functions and duties ( Noyes, 2010 ) . The instructor is responsible for non merely academic content, but must vouch that the concerted group ( s ) will forbear from any negative remarks or comments directed toward any teammate and/or work merchandise. Students must experience safe and secure in the concerted acquisition construction in order to accomplish maximal benefit and deeper apprehension of academic content ( Kagan, 2002 ; Kagan, 1994 ) . It is besides critical that all pupils understand their function in the group, every bit good as group and instructor outlooks ( Sharan, 2010 ) . Another consideration the instructor must turn to is the noise degree in the schoolroom. Good schoolroom direction is important for optimal pupil success. The instructor will hold to supervise the groups to be certain that pupils are on undertaking and that each squad member is an active participant. Furthermore, pupils need to actively listen every bit good as participate ( Noyes, 2010 ; Kagan, 2002 ) . Decision Cooperative acquisition has been the topic of much research that continues today. Cummins ( 2009 ) posits that pupils have much higher happenings of unwritten English linguistic communication use throughout the instructional twenty-four hours when utilizing concerted acquisition schemes. Noyes ( 2010 ) concurs with several research workers sing the many benefits of concerted larning with English linguistic communication scholars. By leting pupils to actively listen and take part in group acquisition, the belief among outstanding research workers is that concerted acquisition will shut the accomplishment spread so that all pupils will be able to win in school and so travel on to go successful members of the community. Concerted acquisition Teachs pupils non merely increased English linguistic communication accomplishments, but besides societal accomplishments, credence and tolerance of others, increased pupil duty, and additions in self-pride ( Sharan, 2010 ; Cummins, 2009 ; Kagan, 20 02 ) . 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Male and Female Roles in Society free essay sample

Mozart Beethoven Within the classical style of music stand two well-known, well-versed composers: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven. Both men were crucial, influential figures in the Classical era of music and composed works that are still held with great praise and dignity over 200 years later. To passive listeners, Mozart and Beethoven are very similar in their style and compositions. Although similarities do exist, their music and personal lives differed, most appropriately due to the periods in which they became famous. Mozart, considered the best and most successful composer of the Classical era, began his work at a time when classical music was prominent. Beethoven, meanwhile, was successful during the transition between the Classical and Romantic eras. Although hes considered an influential figure of the Classical era, he is also credited with developing a new style and pushing the boundaries of classical music. Because Beethoven was born when Mozart began composing his early successful works he was able to take advantage of learning and studying classical music when it was at its best. We will write a custom essay sample on Male and Female Roles in Society or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Both composers were born into highly-musical families. Their fathers were their first teachers who considered their sons musical prodigies. Sonically, their works were quite different. Its often said that Beethoven stands out more than Mozart in classical music, that his compositions are more complex are more in touch with personality and emotion. At the same time, it could be said that Mozart was ahead of his time. Beethoven borrowed many ideas from numerous composers before him, including Mozart; in adding his own touch he made his works loved then and now

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Childhood Obesity Crisis

Childhood Obesity Crisis Free Online Research Papers Today, America is in a serious situation. The economic crisis occurs everywhere and it affects people in every corner of the world. However, there is no crisis in the past that we didnt confront and survived, either the Black Death pandemic in the 12th century or the Great Depression in the 20s. We always find methods or cures to heal ourselves. We always have hope for the future, because we trust in ourselves and especially in our children who are our future. Theyre young, fresh and healthy, so that they can lead us and the country to a secure future. Unfortunately, reality looks different. The children of America are getting bigger and bigger (Lyons, 1A, 16). Obesity is a serious problem which the numbers show: Already 15.5% of Americas children are overweight, which is three times as much as twenty years ago (Lyons, 1A, 17). Getting teased in school can have negative effects on their psyche. Furthermore, obesity follows the children in their adulthood where plenty of health risks will occur. Theyll suffer from health disorders, such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer (Dibez). In 2002 a health survey showed that 64% of the American adults are overweight or obese (Lyons, 1A, 17). The reason why obesity is so dangerous is because it affects our health, which causes more people to depend on health care. This leads us to the question: How are our children able to lead our countrys future if theyre obese and depend on health care? America needs to wake up and fight against it. If Americas children continue to be obese, it will have tremendous effects for the future of our country. In the end, we need to know how and why it became such a harmful problem in our society, so that we can find solutions and fight against our closest enemy – obesity. One major reason why children are obese is the unhealthy food they eat at home and in school. In todays society both mother and father work. There is less time to cook and prepare healthy food for the whole family. An easy way to have dinner after work is to buy fast food. Parents and their children get cheap, tasty and convenient food within minutes. Unfortunately, fast food is high in calories and fat which causes obesity. Norcen Held, a mother, says, â€Å"You drive down the street and its so much easier in this hectic world we live in to grab a taco or burger and bag of fries, milkshakes.† (Lyons, 1A, 17). Children are always surrounded by fast food, even in schools. Now a days schools resemble food courts, like in shopping malls. For the children, it is a normal thing to have fast food for lunch. For example, a school in California offers pizza, nachos, a cookie and a soda for a lunch meal. All in all, the meal consists of 1116 calories and 51 grams of fat which is more than half of a 2000 calorie diet (Severson, A14). In addition to what children eat is what children drink. Most children drink at least one soft drink a day which contains 150 calories each and one out of five children drink more than four 12 oz cans a day (Simon, 9A). In fact, children are eating fast food and drinking soda almost every day, at any time. In addition, the fast food serving sizes have increased in the past 50 years. In the 1950s a single hamburger was 3.9 oz, a soft drink 7 oz and a portion fries were 2.4 oz. Now a days, a hamburger is 8.2 oz, a soft drink 42 oz and a portion fries is 7.1 oz (Lyons, 16 A). The growing portions are the dot on the â€Å"i†. Another reason our children are getting fatter is the lack of exercises they get. One reason is the huge influence of todays media. In todays society almost every family owns a TV and a computer, whether rich or poor. After school, children spend most of their time watching TV, sitting in front of the computer or playing video games. That is why it is quite normal today for a child to eat in front of the TV (Lyons, 1 A, 17). Americas children between 8 and 18 years watch more than three hours TV a day (Severson, A14). In addition, a survey, asking parents from the Bay Area, found out that 50% of the children sit in front of the computer at least an hour and that 25% play video games an hour or more (Lyons, 1A, 17). Mike Burita, a health expert says, â€Å"When kids were once shooting baskets after school, theyre shooting bad guys in video games† (Lyons 1A, 17). The time in front of the media has become so normal that children, especially of low-income families, dont play a l ot outside anymore, or participate in a sports team (May). The reasons are that the parents do not trust their dangerous neighborhoods and that they cant pay the required sport equipment or fees (May). The last hope where children can get a certain amount of exercises is school. However, the truth looks different. Schools have cut back Physical Education (P.E) classes, because of a lack of money (Lyons, 1A, 17). A big percentage of elementary school children are getting only 15 minutes of coordinated activity during one week (May). Once a year fifth, seventh and ninth graders take a physical fitness test where their strength, aerobics and body fat are measured. In 2003 77% of the children did not pass the test (May). These results are so tremendous that we have to wake up and do something to prevent and fight childhood obesity. Parents play an important role fighting childhood obesity, because they are responsible for their children. However, obesity cant be healed in a couple weeks or months. It is a process which takes time, effort and a great determination. Rome wasnt built in one day. Parents have to be role models for their children. A few things that parents can do in a daily routine can help children prevent gaining weight and feeling better. The first thing parents can do is offering their children a variety of healthy nutritious food. This includes fruits, vegetables and whole grains (Knowles). At the same time parents should reduce the consuming of processed food, fast food, candies and soft drinks (Eisenberg and Williams). Furthermore, parents should make up regular family dinners with the whole family eating at the same time and they should encourage their children to eat slowly. This prevents eating too fast which gives a certain time to digest their food and to feel full (Eisenberg and Willia ms). Another thing parents can do is to get their children out of the house and to be active. Parents should reduce the time in front of the TV and computer and let their children play outside (Knowles). Easy activities can be bicycling and walking (Eisenberg and Williams). Also they can sign up their children for a sports team like soccer and basketball and motivate them to take P.E classes in school (Lyons, 17A). Parents should be role models for their children and teach them to eat healthy and exercise regularly. On the other hand, schools have the duty to fight against obesity. School is a place where children learn how to write, read and calculate. Unfortunately, children arent given the opportunity to learn about the importance in life, which is to be healthy and stay healthy in the future. This is why schools should teach children the importance of health. Children shouldnt only learn about math and physics, but also about how to live and eat healthy. Therefore, schools should introduce so called â€Å"lunch classes†, where children learn to cook together and enjoy their meal afterwards (Severson, arc2). This is a good way to teach them the value of a self-cooked meal which they wont forget when they grow up. Also schools can offer gardening classes where children learn how to grow organic and healthy food, such as vegetables and fruits (Severson, arc2). This also includes what schools offer their children to eat. They should change their unhealthy menu into a healthy menu. In p articular, it means to ban fast food, sweets, snacks and soft drinks from the vending machines in school (Watson). Instead they should offer them apples as snacks and juice to drink or beef jerky instead of chips (Watson). My personal opinion is that schools should offer more sport activities. That means to offer a variety of after school activities and upgrade the importance of P.E classes which arent really challenging at the moment. An former High school student, Rachel Willis said, â€Å"I did P.E when I was a freshman, and the only thing they made us do was run a mile. Other than that, it was like free time† (May). If schools would do these changes it will help the children losing weight and it will give them good opportunities for a healthy future. Another important role plays the government. With the supreme power of the government obesity can be fight and reduced in the long term. With various laws the government can help to prevent children from getting fatter and fatter. The government should put pressure on the fast food industry by opening peoples eyes that they eat unhealthy food. A law which makes fast food restaurants show the nutrition facts of their food would be one solution (Lyons, 17A). Furthermore, the government should put labels on fast food which will warn the consumer about an unhealthy product (Lyons, 17A). Moreover, the government should reduce fast food advertising on TV which attracts children. Instead, it could advertise healthy eating and encourage people to do exercises (Lyons, 17A). In addition, the government should demand extra taxes on fast food and use the money for physical activity programs that fight against obesity (Lyons, 17A). Those programs and organizations that fight against obesity ar e important. The government should award these programs with financial grants (Choice). In schools the government should make a law that forbids selling soft drinks to children (Severson, A14). With more encouragement of the government, Americas children could have a better life now and in the future. It seems that our future is in danger, because a majority of Americas residents, either young or old, are overweight or obese. This is why we have to wake up and take action. Some people might think that obesity is an individual problem. Why should they do something against it, even if they arent overweight. However, this is the wrong attitude, because even if it doesnt seem like, obesity affects everybody in America, especially our countrys future. If more people are getting obese, more people will depend on health care. As a result, more money is needed to finance peoples health care which is nearly impossible if the majority of Americas adults are obese. When you are obese it is more difficult to make money and earn a living. The worst case scenario is that we will fall in an economic crisis with millions of sick people. Yet, it is not to late to do something. If we all pull together on one string, we can fight and beat the obesity crisis. Therefore, we all must take action, beca use only if we are a unit force we can succeed. Parents, schools and the government are in the duty to do something against our enemy – obesity. Like the three musketeers used to say, â€Å"One for all, all for one.† Work Cited – MLA â€Å"How can governments fight childhood obesity?† choicefoodforkids. 9 May. 2007. Choice. . Dibez, Soline Cause and Solution to Obesity. Cause and Solution to Obesity. 11 Aug. 2005. 15 May 2009 . Knowles, Steve â€Å"As a Parent – What Can You Do?† Theyesword. Clark, Amy â€Å"One Schools Fight Against Obesity.† Cbsnews. 27 Jan. 2007. CBS News. Watson, Aleta â€Å"School Food Under Attack.† San Jose Mercury News. 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Food chemistry Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Food chemistry - Assignment Example The process does not change fatty acid composition of the starting material, therefore, interesterified oil or blends are considered to be stable. The process makes the oils have a smoother melting point, improves plasticity as crystallization properties change. There also is an improved functional and nutritional property associated to interesterification (Armond, 1998). Hydrogenation is a chemical reaction that involves the addition of hydrogen across carbon-carbon multiple bonds and thus increases the saturation and the melting point. It is a process employed in the hardening of fats. In most cases, catalytic hydrogenation is utilised with nickel metal being the widely used catalyst. Three types of hydrogenation reactions are practiced. First is a light hydrogenation that reduces linoleic acid in soybean to produce oils with large shelf life. Second is extensive hydrogenation and third is partial hydrogenation. Partial hydrogenation involves the hydrogenation of some and not all double bonds present to be converted to single bonds. It is a complex process. Hydrogenation on heterogeneous catalyst is reversible and the double bonds remaining in the partially hydrogenated fat may have changed position and configuration. These affects melting point and has nutritional consequences (Frank, 2004; pg 146) Mohamed et al., (2012) developed functional fat from butter oil and moringa oleiferous oil (MOO) by interesterification. He seen a significant increase in oxidative stability with the increasing augmentation of MOO blends. From his study, he concluded that MOO and BO can be used in the formulation of functional and shelf stable fat. Vegetable oils and fats are known to be stable to oxidative rancidity, healthy and pose a low risk of coronary heart disease. In his study of oxidative stability, Mohamed et al. (2012) observed that peroxide levels at 100% augmentation of MOO were the lowest compared to levels at 50%. High peroxide